About Us

Hi Gang, my names Jess and I am the lady behind The ROO Collection. 

I started this little side project during the lockdowns of June 2020 as I have an interest in animal health and wanted a product to offer to my grooming clients that would help with cracked pads and hot spots. This is how the paw balm range was brought to life and the beginning of our range of natural pet care products. 

The ROO Collection is a small family business, which consists of myself (Jess), the supporter of my crazy ideas/child wrangler/boss man and our tribe of four kids (yes we are crazy) plus two dogs, a cat, few horses and a lizard.

Some fun facts about:

✰ I have completed my Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience
✰ I am a 'her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine' kinda girl (yes a Luke Combs song quote)
✰ I love all animals but my passion is horses and dogs
✰ I have an addiction to crystals and sage
✰ I always wanted to be a vet growing up
✰ The hardest, most rewarding and soul changing time in my life was being a single Mum
✰ I am a dog stylist and have been for over 13 years @petstylingbyjess
✰ I love reading
✰ I hate being late
✰ Sweet potatoes are life
✰ My first car was a VW Beetle
✰ I can go from listening to country music one minute to rapping Snoop Dogg the next
✰ Before Ryder joined the family I always called Olivia, Orlando and Riley my ROO Gang, which is how our business name came about.
All our pet care products are handmade from our home in Bunyip, Victoria