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paw balm, dog skin irritations

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Highly recommend!! My dog has had an ongoing rash on his belly that nothing would seem to help. The balm worked wonders.


WOW I wanted to share this with
you. My dog Ivy gets really bad
eczema rashes and could only be
treated with medication. Until I
found roo balm!! These results are

We absolutely love Roo collection.
Such authentic and gorgeous people
behind Roo collection and I am
obsessed with the quality and the
cuteness of course! XX

This product is amazing! My poor dog had a
horrendously dry nose & within a week was
so much better!

Thanks so much! Our beautiful cat has a rare auto immune disease and we were looking for something to compliment his treatment and avoid overusing steroid creams on his feet. Not only is it working but he tolerates us putting it on his paw pads as well. Thank you!

Jess does brilliant work of her lip balms!! I was hooked after my first try. I have one for my personal use and one for my pupper for quick and easy paw or hot spot application if I don’t wish to grab the large Roo Balm tin. 
Will be certainly purchasing again.

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