Keeping your pet fire safe

We love our pets and would do everything possible to always keep them safe including during a fire; but did you know that approximately 1000 house fires each year are caused by a furry member of the family?
The two main causes of fires by a family pet are:
1. Stove or cooktops, with a pet jumping up and accidentally turning them on
2. Electrical cords, chewing through a cord can cause the cord to spark  
Pets can die during a fire due to: smoke inhalation, heat and flames and even carbon monoxide poisoning from gas cookers.
Which is why the 15th of July is named National Pet Fire Safety Day; to spotlight the importance of keeping our pets safe during a fire and taking preventative actions. 
Preventing a fire
 1. Ensure before leaving the house that any burning candles have been blown out. Make sure that lit candles or any open flames are kept well away from the reach of your pet. especially a curious dog or cat.
2. Keep pets away from heaters and lamps
3. Keep covers over stove knobs
Preparing for a fire
1. Put together a family fire emergency plan that includes who will be responsible for taking the pets out of the house, make sure you have a practice run.
2. Keep a collar and lead in a spot near your emergency exists that is easily accessible.
3. Keep a Pet Alert Sticker near your front door so emergency services know to look out for your pet. We have FREE Pet Alert Stickers available online for a limited time.
4. Regularly check that smoke alarms are working
5. Make sure microchip details are up to date and ensure contact numbers on name tag are correct


During a fire
 1. Grab leashes and carriers
2. If you can not find your pet quickly, leave the door open and let emergency services know your pet in inside.
Watch how quickly a fire can start from a curious dog 




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